Website updates..

  one year ago
It has been a while since we had a major update for the site. In this update I am officially announcing the news feed, which I HOPE will let people who haven't joined our Discord to still see our updates and progress with the site.

So here are some announcements:
  • Obviously, we have started going back to daily updates.
  • We are hiring for the following staff positons:
    • Japanese translator
    • Korean translator
    • Redrawer
    • Quality Checker
    • Cleaner
    • Typesetter
  • We are trying to find new safe for work series to pick up since we only really do NSFW for now.
  • Ads on the site have been reduced with this recent update, but are still experimental.

For anyone wanting to support us and not see ads on the site, or even get chapters 24 hours early, you can check out our Patreon!

To apply to join our staff, or just get closer to our community, come check out our Discord!